Electronic duo Beacon’s new album thrills the senses

by Yasmine Shemesh

Brooklyn-based duo Beacon have been wranglers of digital pastures since their debut in 2011, fusing minimalist aesthetics with R&B infused electronic arrangements and lyrical content that hones in on the darkness of one of mankind’s most intense emotions—love.

Real names Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett, Beacon released their now fourth and latest album, L1, in December and it marks a fascinating progression for the group as they channel a more vehement tempo with moody pangs of angst. The content muses on ideas of internal conflict, not just about amorous feelings in general, but further touching on themes of intimacy, desire, guilt, and pleasure. Abstract and provocative, L1 is both a cerebral and physical experience that challenges the listener to think as well as feel.

The journey begins with the sturdy notes of opening track “Fault Lines,” soaring along through waves of melodic synth of “Minor Structures,” and finally washing into a mysterious groove on “Only Us,” the finale of a five-track opus that’s all pulled together with hauntingly delicate vocals and collectively adding to a new chapter in Beacon’s evolution.

Beacon plays at the Electric Owl on January 24. Tickets are available online

Published online at www.vancitybuzz.com, January 2014


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