Track Review: City of Glass, “The Moon and the Tide”

By Yasmine Shemesh

Vancouver duo City of Glass release a stellar new single. 

Moonlight beaming out of an inky sky, feeding waves that chase a receding shoreline — that is the scene depicted in “The Moon and the Tide,” the latest offering from indie pop-rockers City of Glass. The imagery here is not as much physically described as it is a feeling evoked and a metaphor well-used; something that the band (named after the Douglas Coupland novel and noting Depeche Mode and The Cure amongst their inspiration) does beautifully, by nature. Artfully abstract and always cinematic in their delivery, members David Phu and Michael Champion convey a landscape of dark romance; one characterized by a cyclical push and pull that has enveloped two people. Champion’s rich vocals soak through notes of pulsating electronica, ebbing and flowing with rhythmic tides of guitar and making for an intelligent track that is impossibly infectious.

“The Moon and the Tide” is off the band’s forthcoming EP, Monogyny.

Published online at, September 2014


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