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Blink-182 Ready To “Get Back To Risk Taking”
December 1, 2013

After a hiatus in 2005, a tense reunion in the wake of longtime producer Jerry Finn’s death in 2008, and drummer Travis Barker’s near-fatal plane crash, Blink-182 withstood a tumultuous chapter, both personally and professionally. But now, in a recent interview with, guitarist Tom DeLonge  says the band was “able to complete that and now we’re cool. We can take the next step and really get back to risk-taking.”

New music from the boys, who just wrapped up a run of shows to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Untitled, is said to be expected in the new year. Check out the full interview here. Purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here.

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WATCH: The Killers Cover Velvet Underground “Pale Blue Eyes”
November 2, 2013

The Killers paid tribute to Lou Reed at the Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas earlier this week, performing a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes” in memory of the late frontman. Check out a video of the performance after the jump.

Lou Reed was a hugely influential singer, songwriter, and guitarist who was instrumental in shaping the last 50 years of rock music. As the leader of iconic ’60s band The Velvet Underground and through his later years as a solo artist, Reed’s example revolutionized the genres of glam, punk, and alternative rock. He passed away on October 27, at his home.

Celebrate Reed’s legacy and purchase a CD here. Purchase a CD and buy concert tickets for The Killers here.

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Roseland Ballroom To Close In April 2014
October 20, 2013

Historic New York venue, the Roseland Ballroom, will be closing its doors in April of next year after more than 50 years.

The Roseland Ballroom opened its first New York location at 51st and Broadway back in 1919 after moving from Philadelphia. It’s current home at 52nd had been a skating rink before the Roseland opened it as a venue in 1958. Starting out as a hall for ballroom dancing and orchestra groups, the space eventually shifted its focus through various eras of popular music, from hot jazz to disco, grunge to pop, and rock to electronica. Bands from the Rolling Stones to Vampire Weekend have graced the famed stage.

While the reason for closure has yet to be made clear, the legendary venue will continue to boast a lively schedule (Panic! At The Disco will play in early February) until its curtains finally close next spring.

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Jimmy Eat World Bassist To Open Microdistillery
December 8, 2013

Rick Burch, bassist for Jimmy Eat World, has announced that he will be opening a microdistillery. Dubbed CaskWerks Distilling Co. and likely operating out of Tempe, Arizona, a skip from Jimmy Eat World’s hometown Mesa, the distillery will be a collaborative project between Burch and longtime friends John Miller and Jeff Barlow. The trio aims “bring a fresh, local perspective to a very old and established industry,” and, according to Burch, will put a fresh twist on classics with handcrafted concoctions like “beautiful apple pie liqueur, crisp, citrus-forward Gin, and velvety-soft American Wheat Whiskey.” Check out a video of Burch and Miller introducing the new venture below, and find more information about the microdistillery on their website.

As for Burch’s day job, Jimmy Eat World’s latest album, Damage, is available now. Purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here.

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Blink-182 Producer Changes Careers, Opens Donut Shop
September 28, 2013

Mark Trombino, producer of iconic pop-punk albums such as Blink-182′s Dude Ranch and Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity, has decidedly changed career paths, opting instead to open a donut shop in Highland Park, Los Angeles. The shop, which opened earlier this week, is called Donut Friend and allows customers to choose from a variety of gourmet fillings for made-to-order selections.

When asked if he’s completely done with music, Trombino said, “I don’t want to admit it yet, but probably. I can still work at home. I have a little setup at home where I can mix or whatever. I knew this would be different than working in music, and that’s why I did it. I know nothing about this business. Every minute I’m learning something new, which is exciting.”

The producer hasn’t completely left his roots behind however – menu options include clever selections such as  “Bacon 182,” “Fudgegazi,” “Rites of Sprinkles,” and “The Starting Lime.” A “Jimmy Eat Swirl” is also in the works. Check out the menu here. Purchase a CD for Blink-182 and buy concert tickets here.

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STREAM: Eddie Vedder Covers Hunters And Collectors’ “Throw Your Arms Around Me”
September 21, 2013

Eddie Vedder, with Crowded House rocker Neil Finn, has taken on Hunters and Collectors in a beautiful rendition of “Throw Your Arms Around Me.” Check out the stream after the jump. The track is off an upcoming tribute album to the Australian band titled Crucible and will consist of 15 covers, 15 original recordings, and feature other artists such as Birds Of Tokyo and The Panics.

Hunters and Collectors formed in Melbourne in the ’80s and played a very integral part in shaping the Australian rock’n’roll scene. Disbanding in 1998, they left behind a legacy and proud catalogue of of nine studio albums, three live albums, and a myriad of EPs and singles. The tribute record is set to drop on September 27. You can purchase a CD here.

In other Eddie Vedder news, the October 15 release date of Pearl Jam’s highly-anticipated new album, Lightning Bolt, is quickly approaching. Purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here.

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